Influencing the way Canadian’s shop, Noteworthys’, an online fashion and apparel destination founded by Nundini Krishnan, has created an outlet for local designers to not only sell their collections, but gain exposure across Canada and globally.

“We believe made in Canada matters,” Krishnan said. “The emerging design talent in Canada is incredible but their collections are hard to find.”

“We feature a carefully curated collection of apparel and accessories that are made in Canada by homegrown talent.

“All collections are handmade and are made from sustainable or up-cycled materials.”

Noteworthys is passionate about the art the emerging talents are creating; hoping that it’s inspirations can feed the souls of people across the country.

“To us, being Noteworthy means being unique, significant or unusual, but it also relates to following your passion to create a life you love living,” Krishnan explained.

 “We pursued our passion for helping people, entrepreneurship and fashion by launching The Noteworthys.

 “We encourage others to be and feel noteworthy, not only in their fashion choices, but in all areas of their life. “

 Online shopping is comparably new in Canada when compared to our southern neighbours, however, it continues to grow and increase of these digital shoppers is apparent.

“Consumers want to know more about how their clothes are made and about who designed them,” Krishnan said.

 She continued by saying, “At The Noteworthys, we take you behind the scenes virtually to meet the designer and show you the inspiration and workmanship that goes into what you wear.”

 “Plus, we feature Canadian designers exclusively, so every purchase puts money back into our economy.”

 Like many markets, fashion is saturated and entrepreneurs must work diligently and precisely to standout and make their footprint noticed and followed. Krishnan too advantage of an idea and created something 100 per cent Canadian, for Canadians.

 “The idea for The Noteworthys was born after a friend announced that she wanted to launch her own fashion line but confessed that she found it challenging to reach customers outside her network,” Krishnan said.

“As customers, we wanted to support local Canadian designers but didn’t know where to find them. We also found that we were spending a lot of time sifting through overcrowded online marketplaces trying to find unique, high quality fashion items like hers.

“We set out to tackle these challenges and create a platform that connects amazing brands, people and products.”

By exposing and sharing Canadian talent, Noteworthys takes steps in ensuring that a win-win plan is in effect for the Canadian market place.

“Unlike many other online marketplaces, we create and share content that takes readers behind the scenes to understand the story behind the designer and how much thought and work goes into each item,” Krishnan said.

“We want to show Canadians the talent they have in their own backyard and we also want to put Canadian talent on the map.”

The importance of shopping Canadian will help support our fellow business people, economy and put a stamp on Canadian design in the world. Shopping local, consumers can contribute three million dollars a year into the Canadian economy. By spending “one-hundred dollars more on local business instead of chain retailers,” Canadians continue to build up on a vibrant and beautiful industry across the country.