The skin care & beauty industry seems to be dominated by big brand companies, claiming rejuvenation and younger softer skin. However, many of the products contain chemicals and compounds that most people cannot pronounce, nor understand what the ingredients do to promote youthful and healthy skin regeneration.

 In today’s health conscious world, consumers are looking for products that are safe, natural and show proven results from is’ first use. Animal-testing free and using only natural biological ingredients from the shores of the North Atlantic Ocean, Nova Scotia Fisherman body care line was born. Founded by Perley Bearisto, and Les Falconer, the friend and family ran company “is committed to supporting the local and regional economies of Nova Scotia while manufacturing quality products that are good for [the] family, home and the environment.”

Allyson Hayward, Nova Scotia Fisherman’s western sales manager prides the product line’s dedication to sustainable and natural ingredients that are all found off the beautiful coast of Nova Scotia.

“Nova Scotia Fisherman is commitment is to provide quality handmade products with premium ingredients while focusing on sustainability and quality of life,” Hayward explained.

“Inspired by [the] community, environment and the people they serve, the team has worked hard to produce a quality, plant-based line that doesn’t compromise on people or the environment. “

Canadians have the pleasure of living in a beautiful country with four extraordinary seasons. However, depending on the seasons, we as Canadians can deal with sweltering summer heat to the bitterly wind-chilled winters. We often must change our beauty products to align with the type of environmental conditions we walk in to when we leave our homes.

“Nova Scotia Fisherman has targeted a niche area that was left open in the natural body care industry [and] the active outdoors person,” Hayward said. “ It’s these people who continuously put their skin through the harshest environmental conditions. “

“The biodegradable products are as equally beneficial for both the active outdoorsman and the health-conscious diva looking to use a product that is plant based, cruelty free, good for the environment, all while benefiting their skin.”

Incorporating the skin care line for both men and women, the product is safe to use for the whole family. Whether moisturizing beat-up hands of a working person to softening the nail beds and cuticles of a young child, the line proves extensive health benefits that are known to relieve skin aliments with the powerful ingredient of natural sea kelp.

Using the highest quality ingredients native to the Nova Scotia waters and land, Nova Scotia Fisherman use powerful and potent sea kelp, known to help relieve and improve the chronic skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis.

 “Sea Kelp has many valuable properties for your skin and is chocked full of skin loving vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that condition and restore moisture,” Hayward said. “Sea Kelp revitalizes, firms, oxygenates and detoxifies [the skin].

 “It also acts as a conditioner that improves the skin’s texture & tone and it stimulates your skin’s natural ability to heal.

 With the commitment and betterment of our naturally diverse ecosystems, Nova Scotia Fisherman is a proud supporter of the Natural Conservancy of Canada, “which has been working to protect Nova Scotia’s natural treasures by preserving the breeding ground for endangered species.” Through each sale, a portion is donated to the organization to help implement and preserve the natural environment of Nova Scotia.

 “Nova Scotia Fisherman believes that it is their responsibility to support local communities, and help protect the land that has shaped us, while ensuring sustainability for future generations,” Hayward said.

By providing the local economy a commercial boost, Nova Scotia Fisherman’s products can be purchased across the country and available in countries such as: U.S.A., United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Central Europe and Australia. The also have partnered with Plank Industries, “an adult protected workshop that provides employment to over 25 people with various cognitive and physical challenges.”

Consumers are looking for something natural & sustainable and Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care line promises just that. The natural healing properties of sea kelp are said to promote an extensive list of positive attributes such as “the skin’s ability to restore moisture levels and protect from environmental elements” with its’ high dosage of antioxidants and beta-carotene. The all-Canadian product should be apart of everyone’s daily health and beauty regime especially when consumers are helping to conserve Canada’s natural ecosystems.

 “Cast away dry, cracked, scaly skin with the powerful properties of our Nova Scotia Sea Kelp. A rich source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to soothe your hard-working skin.”