Saskatchewan’s artistic industry continues to flourish with its multitude of talents from every corner of the creative community and has contributed to the premiere fashion and creative design event in that province.

Saskatchewan Fashion Week (SFW) is an annual event showcasing the design and imaginative talents of the provincial industry that is becoming globally recognized.

Public relations and communications manager of SFW, Melissa Fiacco, is excited to see the continued growth and expansion of the event as it continues  “to influence the growth and sustainability of the creative industry.”

“It’s been four years since Saskatchewan Fashion Week was created,” said Fiacco.  “Saskatchewan Fashion Week was created to attract creative entrepreneurs and artists and showcase the talent being produced in Saskatchewan.”

“We are seeing a continued retention of designers every year, while attracting emerging designers and designers who haven’t shown at Saskatchewan Fashion Week previously, to showcase their skills and creativity on its runway.”

The 2015 event production, held at Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios (The Sound Stage), was “transformed into a world-class” event experience, exposing “fashion, creative design, entrepreneurship and music.  Sold out crowds enjoyed original Fall/Winter 2015 collections from twenty-five Canadian fashion designers, and seven local retailers showed Spring/Summer 2015 style trends.

Patrons of the event were inspired by the imagination and creativity that came to life on the runway and for those who weren’t able to attend the event, they had a chance to experience it by viewing the live stream of the runway programs on and or by accessing SFW’s free mobile app.

“Engaging a relationship with the Canadian Arts and Fashion awards has allowed us to produce and showcase Saskatchewan Fashion Week content on its website,” Fiacco said.  “Live streaming on, in addition to, has amplified views of the runway.”

“Live stream views of the runway program are currently more than 5,000 in 2015, which is an increase of 225 per cent from 2014.”

SFW’s relationship with designers, ticket buyers, sponsors, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, committee members, and volunteers is integral to the success of SFW, as well as collaboration with all levels of government.

“SFW is a non-profit organization and has built its successes using a strategic business model designed to increase sustainable revenue streams that can be reinvested into event production and talent attraction and retention. Investments from sponsors and funding partners have been very effective while creating mutual benefit.” Fiacco said.

“An important priority for SFW is to influence the economic impact and sustainability for the fashion and creative design industries in Saskatchewan.

“SFW does not rely on government funding to ensure its sustainability, but its relationships with governments is integral to addressing priority issues that influence policy and contribute to the fashion and creative design industries creating economic impact for the province.”

Saskatchewan Fashion Week hosts a wide variety of credible and respectful brands, preserving the professional relationships between the creative teams, designers and sponsors, in ensuring the continued success and growth of the event.  SFW is committed to creating “an inclusive experience that exposes and celebrates the artistic, entrepreneurial and creative talent & innovation being produced in Saskatchewan.”

“SFW strives to create professional development and interactive experiences that foster collaborations and entrepreneurship.”

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