The first and last thing one hears before falling asleep and waking up is the beautiful vibration of what many of us take for granted. The natural ability to hear and feel sound has become a staple of creative design in music, advertising, television and the simple pleasure of our own existence.

Often hidden away and secluded from the outside world, sound mixing and recording is the forgotten creative art in the very inclusive community of artisans. However, sound is the primary way we as humans communicate, allowing our own imagination to build stories and description, in stimulating ourselves.

Calgary based recording studio and production house, The Sound Priory, has been making waves in sound development and mixing since it was “established in 2013”. Comprised of a triple threat team of educated, knowledgeable and music scene professionals, Kirill Telichev, Ashtyn Beaudette and Kaitlin Gibson’s recording company is making their brand known in Calgary and across Canada.

“The space is becoming a very popular choice for musicians and corporate clients alike,” said Telichev.

With the expansive array of high-end and professional grade equipment, the massive soundboard looks like a Boeing 747 cockpit with its’ hundreds of dials, blinking LEDs and software screens that highlight the growing portfolio the team has succeeded with and established already today.

“The studio [has] racked up an impressive record credit list such as The Dudes, The Rumble and Highkicks,” Telichev said.

“We have worked with national and international brands such as Nissan, Infiniti, Bank of Montreal and Calgary Stampede, developing a solid sound-design portfolio.”

The world-class recording studio features a variety of the latest “digital front end by Avid in combination with “more vintage sounding pieces by Universal Audio, API and SSL.”

An extremely competitive creative industry has allowed Sound Priory to invest in staying current with its’ recording methods and standout in the recording industry.

“Staying relevant in terms of digital technology is important,” Telichev said. “We want to provide a relaxed, inspiring environment for creating.”

“We are lucky to operate out of a unique sounding room, so that the records that get made here, don’t sound boring or cookie-cutter.

“Music production and post-production interests us the most. It’s important to stay diverse in audio and those two areas are where we’re the happiest working and have had the most success.”

Working with multitude of diverse clients, Telichev says “someone with equal parts talent, drive, vision and open-mindedness” produce success for both parties.

Ongoing accomplishments for the team include producing albums for ATB Alberta Songwriting contest winner and four “Xposure winners with X92.9” such as The Suppliers and Go for the Eye.

 Sound Priory’s team dedication has opened up the doors to a very inclusive music industry that will bring further success and significance to their brand.

“There isn’t a single project that stands out as a main accomplishment thus far, but rather, continuously doing exciting projects with both music and post-production sectors is definitely something we are proud of,” Telichev said.

“We work on projects that we get excited about and I think it makes the final product that much better.”

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