Emphasizing the ever-changing design and trend of women’s style can be difficult for any designer, but with the right ingredients of past influences, present trends and one’s own drop of creativity, success can be found for any passionate artist.

Edmonton based women’s clothing designer Alisha Schick mixed her raw beginnings from designing for the local hip-hop and street scene, to create Suka Clothing, “a lifestyle brand with strong emphasis on design” and wearable pieces.

As the owner and creative director of her brand, Schick became torn between her professional self and influenced past that inspirited her alter ego to create and tune in on “an aesthetic that could mix modern day practicality, with edgier undertones to create looks that were interesting, independent and acceptable.”

“Simple basics are updated with contrasting details inspired by high-fashion trends and sub –cultures,” said Schick.

“The brand continues to grow with the help of Edmonton’s strong fashion community and the many local muses [I] interact with on a daily basis.”

Throughout years of development of Suka Clothing, Schick has had the opportunity of working with many companies and events in the collaboration and promotion of her designs including the successful PARK show in Calgary.

“Participating in the PARK events has gained us a spotlight in the Alberta Market,” Schick explained. “[It] has also given us opportunities to grow as a Canadian brand and not just locally.”

“We are now in our third season with PARK and the response has been a positive one.”

As competition and inspiration work hand-in-hand with any artisan or designer, the relationship between the two help create unique and original pieces that no other clothing brand has.

“Competition is good; it motivates [one] to do better and also builds comparison,” Schick explained. “When it comes to our experiences in Edmonton, there is definitely power in numbers.”

“The growth in Edmonton, designers and companies in the last five years has definitely given brands like Suka an opportunity to have a spotlight and grow.

Schick continues by saying, “Being creative and being a business is a fine line.”

“The challenge is to do what you love without making too many sacrifices, but at the end of the day, you still have to make that revenue.”

When asked, “How does your company standout,” Schick simply said, “Inspire and be inspired; Suka gives as much as it gets.”

“We have grown with the industry and its’ client’s. We have helped to mentor a new generations of designers and fashion lovers.”