Every woman dreams of the day where she can get her hands on that premium Chanel bag, Prada skirt suit or Gucci boots, but with the present day’s economy, much of this dream becomes impossible. But wait, what if there was another way?

Born out of the need to provide these goods to every earner, the Upside took off to become “Canada’s largest online luxury consignment retailer, offering authenticated designer goods.”

Starting in Calgary, founder Lauryn Zhukrovsky believed it was time to give affordable fashion to the world, after living in Paris jobless taught her “the importance of looking chic on a budget.”

“With limited access to luxury goods from Canadian online companies and getting frustrated with paying high shipping, duty and exchange rate, the Upside was born,” Zhukrovsky explained.

“Started from a love of fashion and a desire to make luxury retail easily accessible to Canadians, we pride ourselves in providing a premium experience for both consignors and buyers, the Upside experience.”

Canada’s current economic state and low Canadian Dollar allows the Upside to be more attractive to buyers globally while providing the same goods to locals at competitive price points.

“[The Upside] attracts international buyers,” Zhukrovsky said. “It puts Canada on the map in terms of online luxury retail. “

“The Upside is a conduit to the most coveted brands and style, but without the typical price that accompanies, making it affordable to purchase your favourite luxury brands.”

Zhukrovsky says there are “rules of being a smart shopper” or consignor during the economic downfall.

“Consign! It’s more affordable on the pocket to trade in a few ‘pre-loved’ items than to go and purchase right off the rack,” she explained. The high-end items you buy, focus on purchasing items that hold their value; it’s an investment.”

“There is a list of designers that up their prices about 20 per cent every year and you can resell them a few years later for close to what you paid.

“Keep your items in good condition: dry-clean them, get rubber soles added to your shoes, splurge on timeless items while spending less on seasonal trends and finally, follow favourite style blogs on how to transition summer outfits/ pieces into winter.”

Based entirely online, the Upside promises to provide the highest quality of pre-owned goods and pieces of your favourite luxury designers.

“Our curated inventory comprises of 250 plus designers such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, and Prada.”