Writing is an art in itself.  As a photojournalism major, Mitch and District12 Photographics has had the opportunity to report and tell original stories to many different audiences.  Whether particular attention is paid to feature profiles of interesting people of our world, or reporting on local, provincial, or national news, District12 strives to enlighten the readers of our stories.

In addition to the wide variety of stories we have covered, our work (both photographic and written) has been published in many different outlets.  Below, take some time to read our unique stories and view our published spreads.

Here are just some of the stories we have wrote and have been published in the magazine for the first of four issues in the publications calendar year.

Issue One:

American Marketing Company Making Waves In Canada
New Age Modeling Agency Hits Calgary’s Creative Industry
New Age Media Agency Changing the Way of Advertising
Vinegar Designs Lab Inc.
Eve & Enoch Fashions
2015 Calgary International Auto & Truck Show
World Class Violinist Launches Album in Calgary
Diamond Frosted Gala Fashion Event
Runway for the Cure

Issue Two:

Naka Photography
Edge Agency
Sound Priory
Sara Lindsay Makeup Artistry
Debra Kelly Makeup
Cavallo Design
Saskatchewan Fashion Week
Hillberg & Berk Jewelry
Kazz Clothing Inc.

Issue Three: 

Ko:n.fe.ro Art
Urban Ground Coffeehouse
Kevin Davey: A Biography
Karyn Chopik Studio: Jewellery
Greg Gerla Photography
Suka Clothing
Ben Brush Design
Black Bridge Brewery
The Upside
3iii Studio

Issue Four: 

Buttercream Clothing
Bronze Fashion
Gooseberry Prints

Issue Five: 

Noteworthy’s Clothing

Issue Six: 

Joy Socks
Sunergy Systems

Issue Seven: 

Alora Jewlery
Nova Scotia Fisherman

Issue Eight: 

Better Made Blends
Culinary Skills & Nutrition

The newest issue of Standout Publications will be released each monthly.  Stay tuned as each month, a new exciting issue will be released for digital subscriptions and print on demand options.