F is for Family & Fun

I recently headed to Saskatchewan to spend some time with family.   It was a short but very sweet trip home.  I was also asked to shoot some family photos while being there.  So I packed up my gear and started to think how the location will be for the shoot.  

It was at Clear Water Lake.  Yes, I have been out there before, but never really scouted for locations to photograph.  I was excited to explore the area and decide on the shooting location.  And then a wonderful thought came to mind.  We are at a lake!  Let’s have the subjects in the water!

It didn’t take too long to convince the party of my idea (considering the photos were for my sister) with one consideration:  Shoot dry land photos first.  

I had a fun time shooting my sister’s family, including two wonderful kiddos, but let’s just say, the kids were more worried about having fun with their Uncle.  It just really reminded me of the importance of having fun when you are with your family!  After shooting the kids portraits and family photos, it was time to hit the water.  It only lasted for about ten minutes, by the candid photos of everyone playing and splashing in the water were very special.  What a great shoot.

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