Photo of the Week: Thank You Canada

I wanted to take a step back and do something a bit different for the PotW. During the pandemic, I thought it was important to present a Photo of the Week: Thank you Canada edition.

This is an easy way for me to say thank you to our great country on how our governments have dealt with this. Not only has our governments helped keep its’ citizens safe, but has provided financial assistance for those struggling through this history making situation. To those who are on the frontlines (Grocery, gas, law enforcement, medical staff, etc), it’s because of your contributions that are keeping our society running as safely and as smoothly as possible. Your personal risk-taking will be something always remembered.

As you read above, this PotW is solely dedicated to Canada and the photo says just that. If you have been reading our weekly blog, you’ll know there is a story with each photo.

This photo was taken back in 2007, a surprising 13 years ago. I saved all my money to purchase my first higher-end point and shoot camera and this was the beginning of my photography career. I was so excited to use the camera and the preset special features, I headed to the ‘big city’ of Regina, Saskatchewan, met up with sone friends and walked around the city with camera in-hand.

I began shooting in the ‘colour-accent’ mode, carefully selecting a point of interest to shoot. Canada – looks amazing in this composition and I think the photo will say it all.

I continued photographing throughout the day having a broad selection of photos to choose from when it was time to upload the memory card (I don’t think I had a card reader on my computer at the time so I had to hook up the camera via tethering cord). Through the many many photos that I took, there were only a few that stood out. This photo was one of my favourite taken on that day and guess what, it continues to be today.

This photo to me represents much of what Canada is about. We stand tall and we’re proud, but we don’t gloat. I love how the colour of our flag pops and steals the attention of the entire photograph. The contrast gives it mood, but a mood that is more subtle then dark.

For these reasons, this is why I selected this photo for this weeks entry. Thank you to Canada and the so many that are on the frontlines every day ensuring millions of peoples safety within their homes and selves.

Stay tuned for next weeks entry. It’s going to be a cute one. Is there a niche of photo you would like to see represented on PotW? Leave us a comment and share some love. To see our all digital portfolio, check out Instagram and for day-to-day updates. Facebook. If you have any other inquires, please contact us today. We are here for you during Covid-19 and are opening our doors to you for all your photographic needs. Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy and stay socially distanced.