Photo of the Week: Corporate Headshots

I love doing business portraits but the difference between the generic business card look, I go for something more artistic and creative. The Photo of the Week: Corporate Headshots post gives me an opportunity to share how I shoot these.

A couple years back, I worked with a great local publication called Standout where we focused on the feel-good positive stories across all expects of Canada. We worked with our local industry to shoot amazing photos, tell amazing stories and got to shoot our monthly covers in very exclusive locations.

In this PotW, we worked at the office of Brett Wilson, photographing the cover for a brilliant story about women CEO’s with disabilities. As the Creative Manager, I organized the shoot and presented what I was looking for the cover.

In between takes, I took our subject with me and shot some of my own photos, focusing on corporate head shots. For me, I set up my shots with the intention of grabbing some setup candids. I told my subject that I wanted her to act like she would if she was working on our laptop, pondering business, etc etc. As much of the shots were some what posed, they took the energy of a shot that was captured more candidly.

Again, there are rules of thumb in photography, but remember, these are not always to be followed. Rules in art are meant to be broken and this is how I keep my work original and unique. I understand that not everyone may like how I shoot or what my finished project turns out to be, but for those who do, they appreciate the time and effort of the art.

Stay tuned for next week’s PotW when we talk about cell phone photography. If you are interested in scheduling your session, please contact me. If you want to see more of my work, updates and news, follow me on Facebook and Instagram.