Animal lovers rejoice. Here comes Gooseberry Prints – an extraordinarily cuddly and cute interior design gallery of photography for dressing up a newborn bedroom and nursery.

Laura Louise, founder and owner of Gooseberry Prints, saw the market opening and ran with unique idea of giving her clients a new and exciting way of accessorizing the perfect room.

“Gooseberry Prints creates all-original, affordable nursery artwork and wall décor,” Louise said.

“Each unique limited edition print brings to a life a lovable animal character whom will instill a sense of wonder and imagination in you little one’s world, add whimsy to any home office and sprinkle happiness throughout any home.”

Gooseberry Prints presents a high-end décor accessory that becomes a cherished piece in the home, not only for the beauty of the photography, but for the humanitarian subjections of using mostly rescued and saved animal counterparts.

“One interesting thing about Gooseberry Prints is that I photograph mainly rescued animals for each collection,” Louise said.

“I grew up in the country surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes. Over the years, I have volunteered for several animal rescues, allowing me to closely observe, interact with and get to know various animals.

Gooseberry Prints was inspired by a love of storytelling and animals. I wanted to create a body of limited edition artwork that brought to life lovable characters who would not only compliment a wide variety of home décor styles for all ages, but also become cherished family heirloom.”

Like people, not two animals are the same in their personalities, interactions and movements. Gooseberry Prints excels in bringing these characters together in their limited edition collections.

“Gooseberry Prints work is intended to inspire an understanding that no two animals are alike and that much like the creature characters who populate our books and imaginations as children, real life animals are also truly wonderful friends.”

Gooseberry Prints growth and success is apparent with the release of its’ third collection in February.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled,” Louise exclaimed.

“Every time Gooseberry Prints releases a new collection, I consider that a wonderful accomplishment because it means that the vision, story and inspiration for a shoot has come together to create something truly special.”

Sourcing all materials and animals from the North American market, Gooseberry Prints help to sustain and expand the local market, that “these collections are mindfully priced to suit a wide variety of budget while offering the very best quality as possible.”

“Classic childhood storybooks are the inspiration behind the design and style and I wanted to create a body of work that rekindled the magic feeling of ‘storybook wonder’,” Louise said.

“The secret of each Gooseberry Print lies in the expression of each little animal model.”

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