Transitional layered textiles, unique for the workingwoman by day and the socialite by night, KAZZ Clothing Inc. represents young professionals who share the love for “classic, yet chic, clean and contemporary style.”

Canadian designer and owner of KAZZ Clothing, Ashley Kasdorf, began her creative path of clothing design in 2012 with a “focus on creating wearable, ready-to-wear designs for the urban modern woman.”

“Fashioned around the idea of wardrobe fundamentals, KAZZ Clothing creates effortless, stylish clothes acting as beautiful pieces that people can wear day or night and as trends evolve,” Kasdorf explained.

“KAZZ Clothing prides on being 100 per cent Canadian made.”

With post-secondary background in business marketing, Kasdorf continued her education in fashion design and merchandising.

“I wanted to understand business from the creative side in order to start my own company,’ Kasdorf said.

KAZZ clothing is designed, made and produced in Toronto, Ontario, highlighting the importance of staying purely Canadian for the client, who would “love to feature the garments.”

“KAZZ stands out as an up and coming Canadian company in the fashion industry [with] focus on quality made garments that are all made commercially in Toronto and designs that are classic and contemporary,” Kasdorf said. “Almost to be ageless to wear the garments again and again.”

“Notable features of clean lines, architectural details, classic tailoring and cuts resemble chic style with a laid back modern impression.

“The inspiration was to keep it clean and simple; contemporary like the clothing I produce and I want it be a platform that represents my clothing well.”

KAZZ Clothing Inc. prides the design of its’ garments by the creative and unique mind of Kasdorf and the inspiration that comes from external beauty of the globe.

“I draw and write down when an outfit [idea] comes to mind,” said Kasdorf. “I’m always thinking about garments and what I can do next.”

“[I] watch the runways from season to season and I travel a lot; when I can see different cultures and areas around the world to gather inspirations.”

In focusing on exclusivity, Kasdorf produces garments that are “made in smaller production runs,” allowing clients to wear original pieces as “more people are shopping for boutique style clothing.”

“More people now look for garments that others don’t have [which allow] being more individual and expressive with their outfits/ garments,” Kasdorf explained.

“People are wanting to be more individual and look to wear clothing from a local designer and environmentally sustainable designer.”

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