Internationally awarded makeup artist and expert, Sara Lindsay of Sara Lindsay Makeup Studio has worked around the globe with celebrity clients and events.

With 14 years of experience, Sara has graciously worked with clients such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Tegan & Sara, and The Canadian Tenors, as well as, has been apart of makeup teams in New York Fashion Week, Canadian Country Music Awards, The Juno Awards and more locally, as the makeup coordinator for Saskatchewan Fashion Week.

Sara worked in the fashion industry in the United Kingdom for eight years before returning back to her hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan where she currently resides, building her brand and clients in her high-end retail studio.

“We are a full retail store offering high-end luxury cosmetics, hair care, skin care, nail products, as well as, jewelry and a watch line,” Lindsay said. “We offer full make up services as well as hair, gel polish manicures & pedicures and lash extensions.”

Saskatchewan’s creative industry is a close-knit community of talents that is very inclusive to all artists supporting each other to build it. Sara Lindsay Makeup Studio knows that “supporting others in the industry will only build the strength of business and peers.”

“We foster a very progressive attitude where competition is concerned,” Lindsay said.

“A negative attitude toward competing business is a very old fashioned way of thinking and isn’t part of our mission.

“We love to see others grow [and] in supporting others to succeed, we receive the same in return and that builds a strong foundation for our industry as a whole.”

Fostering the idea of community support, Sara Lindsay Makeup Studio is “active in the community in the way of fundraisers and charitable fashion shows”, adopting policies within the company that has made it a core value.

“We are privileged to be able to get involved in supporting great causes and to me, that is one of the our most important accomplishments,” explained Lindsay.

“We have been given the gift of incredible support from our community and we will continue to show our gratitude by giving back wherever we can.”

The passion for her guests has been a crucial part in building the brand, and she is passionate about creating an exceptional experience at Sara Lindsay Makeup Studio.

“It isn’t just about selling products or providing a service, it’s all about creating an experience that our guest wont have anywhere else,” Lindsay explained.

“Our goal is to make each and every person who walks through our doors feel amazing. We have developed strong relationships in this community and we consider ourselves very lucky.”

Sara’s awards portfolio is expansive and taking the title as Canadian Makeup Artist of the Year at the Mirror Awards in 2011 shows the dedication she has to the creative industry on a global spectrum. In 2014, Sara became a finalist for her original work at Contessa Awards and “most recently has been named a finalist for the NAHA Awards for Northern American Makeup Artist of the Year 2015.”

“Awards are wonderful and it’s very flattering, but I don’t think it’s the most important thing,” said Lindsay. “ It’s wonderful to be recognized by our industry and it helps to give us exposure to reach more people, but it’s the creative outlet that inspires me everyday.”

Sara Lindsay Makeup Studio continues to push the boundaries of creative makeup design locally and across the world, providing the most original and unique experiences for each client the company works with. The opportunity to shoot “campaigns for local [companies] and to travel the world with amazing local businesses such as Hillberg & Berk” is highly rewarding.

“It’s a full time job to try and stay relevant in our industry and I love every minute of it,” Lindsay explained.

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