It’s no wonder that Calgary has been named the top 10 most creative cities in the country for multiple years with it’s original and dynamic network of artisans in the community.

It’s easy to find the multitude of artistic showcases; fashion shows, street events, and album debuts are abundant in the blooming city and because of this, success can be seen everywhere.

London, England born, world-renowned violinist, Australian Sophie Serafino, has chosen the great city of Calgary to call home and launch her successes around the globe.

Performing over “500 concerts world wide and working with recording artists such as Josh Groban,” Serafino brings a world-class sound and originality to the violin. She has gracefully performed for world dignitaries as “the Bahraini Royal Family, and Crown Prince & Princess of Denmark.”

It’s with great pleasure that Serafino has chosen Calgary as her home in 2011 and is using this city as a launching pad for her much-anticipated debut, full-length concert series, in Canada and the U.S.

“The opportunity to debut the music I’ve been creating over the last two years is an incredibly exciting time for me,” Serafino said.

“It’s been an incredible journey living in Canada the last three years, and everyone has been so welcoming and supportive.”

Serafino’s entrancing sound will take her on an international tour across North America where she will “debut her first feature-length concert in Canada in celebration of her two new albums – ‘Temptress’ and ‘Touch’, presented by Audi Royal Oak of Calgary.” This tour was inspired by the 2011 “Australian concert series – The Gold Violin”, rightfully titling the new tour as the ‘Crystal Violin’.

Collaborating and producing with Canada’s most sought-after music icons, Serfino produced both albums locally in Toronto, Ontario.

“Touch’ is a highly emotive delicious mix of adult pop that mixes vocals with Serafino’s signature violin style,” said in a national press release. “It describes her real life journey of love, betrayal, disappointment and devastation to the re-ignition of hope.”

Canada boosts a highly artistic and dynamically original community network across the country that gives all artists an outlet of success.

“I cannot wait to introduce the two new albums and a feature concert to my fans and perform across Canada,” Serafino proudly said.

For full concert schedule, checkout Serafino’s website at or Eventbrite.

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