It’s All in the Name

Just the other day, a good buddy of our’s asked me a very simple question.  It’s not the question surprised me, but rather, it is a question that people tend to ask.  Wondering what that question was?  

Simply put, he asked, “Where did you come up with the name of your company?”

I needed to ask more, so I asked back, “Which one?”

“Both,” he responded.

So here is the explanation of our current running name, ‘MeeChelli Photography by District12 Photographics’. 

So let’s start out with MeeChelli.  MeeChelli was my high school nick name.  Every morning, where the group of friends would meet up in the morning, I was always greeted with “Good morning MeeChelli” and the idea basically stuck to all my friends vocabulary.  I thought MeeChelli Photography was cute and thought it would work better than ‘Mitch Wiebe Photography’, so I rolled with it.  

A few years went by and to me, the branding seemed almost juvenile to me.  All considering that the name was from high school, I figured, I needed a strong, more industrial-modern type branding.

District 12 Photographics

Now, I needed to respect the fact that I have built a company and a following through MeeChelli Photography, so I needed to be sure to integrate that in as part of our history.  This is where District Twelve Photographics game along.

I have built the website and any other social media platforms based off of District12 Photographics but including our previous branding to ensure that our loyal followers and clients are not confused.

And there we have it.  MeeChelli Photography by District12 Photographics was born.  Now, during this time, the hit book series (Hunger Games) was turned into a Hollywood blockbuster and many of us found out about the their community districts.  I get a chuckle out of people asking if I intentionally rebranded to correlate with the series.  This is not the reason, but hey, I’ll take any curiosity as it helps bring our brand and clients closer together.

Remember, this is your choice.  Do you like us as MeeChelli Photography?  Or maybe District12 Photographics, better?  Call us what you need as no matter what brand you consider closer to you, we will still offer a great photographic session and a high-quality, original and creative experience with us.

And for easy linking, find out on Facebook and Instagram.  Happy viewing.