Photographing Kids in Fall

Photographing kids in Fall (in my opinion) is one of the best times to do so.  The light has softened up and the colours are some of the most vibrant that we see throughout the year.  

The last nice week of September in Calgary pushed me to get out and shoot prior the snow flying and the temperatures dropping.  Well, wasn’t I smart and lucky to do so.  

I was meeting a friend for a visit later in the week but asked if we could move it forward due to the weather.  I wanted to head out to South Glenmore Park for a walk, some fresh air and amazing views.  I told her I was going to bring my camera and probably chase her beautiful daughter around.  It was just for fun but it ended up turning into a little photo shoot.  

Instead of me trying to pose the high-energy princess, I decided to play Hide-and-Seek with her.  That lasted a whole of five minutes before she wanted to play catch.  She knew the camera was out and I was trying to catch her in action, so she gave me a little trouble.  Luckily, being my good friends daughter, I was able to coarse and bug her in a way that I was able to capture some shots in action.

Not only did it give me a chance to get some new beautiful portfolio shots, it taught me something.  When photographing younger children, the photographer is not the boss but rather follower of the moment.  Kids need to be kids, playing, laughing and having fun and I believe these are the best moments to capture.  Be one of nature and candidly capture your subject in their best moments.  You will be dealing with a lot of movement and changing direction, so be prepared to loose some shots.  The best part is, throughout all this, I got some good exercise and was in need of a shower afterwards.  If you ask me, that is a good day of photographing.

Next time you’re photographing children or young balls of energy, maybe think twice about posing your subjects.  Try for some candids or fast actions shots of the kiddos running around.  After they’ve burned some energy, this is the opportunity for you to pose – just remember candids will give you more unique and original options for your clients.

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