A Gift to You from Us

We have an exciting announcement and want to present a gift to you from us. Why not start the new year off with good news and new deals. But as the holiday season comes closer, you will just have wait to unwrap this one until the new year.

Changes are on the horizon for District12 Photogprahics that will show a lot of benefit to our clients. In the beginning of 2020, our visitors may see things change. These changes will be minor and as said, beneficial to you, the client’s.


We may be changing the template for our website. This won’t effect our visitors except for some minor delays in page loads and or offline status for a few minutes. The layout will remain consistent with our branding.

Our visitors appreciate the easy-to-navigate menu bar that is alphabetically ordered for seamless selection. We promise to continue to use a similar layout. Our visitors are what keep the site up and us photographing. We will welcome all comments and concerns if these changes aren’t user-friendly.

We hope that all updated will be completed by the end of January where we will make an official announcement. For those of you who visit and read our blog often, these changes will be minor. We will provide everyone with updates on any delays or advances on completion on our blog and social media.

Digital Portfolios

We will be trimming down most of our portfolios on the website. It is important for our clients to see the best of what we can offer in the shortest amount of time. NOTE SOME OLD STYLE WATER MARKS WILL BE PUNCHED ON PORTFOLIO PIECES. Instead of giving our viewers large amounts of the same sets, will provide one or two of the best to give a better variety of what we shoot and how we do it.

Don’t worry, not sure if you are seeing enough of our work on our website? Do you want to see more because you can’t get enough? Follow us on Facebook or Instagram too see larger varieties of photos and their sets. I bet you didn’t know we shoot Landscape and Architecture photography, too.

Some photos may be from the start of our photographic dream, while others may be deleted or added to provide everyone with the best stock to determine if we’d worked well together.


Your Christmas gift will soon be here. As mentioned above, our packages will remain competitive. We provide service and pricing that will fit anyones needs. Stay tuned as this announcement will go public January 2020.


We are here to answer any questions and inquiries you have. Contact us here or check us out on Facebook or Instagram. We will get back to you as soon as we can to answer your important questions. We hope you will like the changes as much as we do.